Trust and Estate Planning

Cox & Fulk stays informed of the latest tax developments and strategies for individuals and businesses to properly minimize/mitigate tax liability, whether during or after their life, so that our clients can both plan ahead for their loved ones and enjoy the benefits legitimately available to themselves under tax laws. 

Business structures, trusts, gifts, and asset-restructuring methodologies can all prudently be put to use for tax benefits with proper guidance and depending on particular factual contexts.

Estate Planning

We know just how important it is for our clients to feel that their families and loved ones will be protected after they are gone.  For this reason, our estate planning attorneys in Bloomington IL specialize in asset protection.

We will give you thorough and personalized advice regarding the use of wills, trusts, property and health care power of attorneys, and other transfers of assets that can help protect your family in the future. Our attorneys can advise you on how to properly organize a family business in order to protect your interests for years to come.

Estate Administration

After the loss of a loved one, the last thing you wish to burden your mind may be navigating the probate process and organizing the proper administration of a will or trust. 

At Cox & Fulk, LLC our attorneys are well versed in the process and filings necessary to navigate probate court and make certain that your loved one’s wishes are honored to the furthest extent possible.

Cox & Fulk, LLC is capable and experienced in the proper administration of estates both large and small.  When you consult with one of our attorneys regarding your estate, please bring a copy of the will in question as well as any insurance documents so that we can properly advise you, and begin the process of filing estate documents with the court if necessary.

Administration of Wills

End of life planning can be a difficult subject to approach for obvious reasons.  This leads many people to delay or avoid the process entirely.  Unfortunately, that sort of avoidance can result in a host of issues for one’s heirs and loved ones.  A will is simply a statement outlining person’s wishes regarding how they want their assets distributed upon their death.  There is no reason a will should be intimidating or overly complicated to anyone.  At Cox & Fulk we strive to provide our clients with the most clear and concise statement of those wishes as we can, so that our clients can rest easy at night knowing those wishes will be fulfilled.