Real Estate Attorney

Cox & Fulk, LLC has been managing the details of real estate transactions on behalf of its clients in Bloomington-Normal for years. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, our experienced real estate attorney in Bloomington IL understands and has executed successful real estate closings.

Our firm is equipped to handle all types of real estate transactions including residential, commercial, agricultural sales and auctions, and contracts for new construction. 

Who Should Use a Real Estate Attorney?

Both individuals and commercial clients benefit from our extensive experience in real estate law. First-time home buyers, as well as commercial developers and municipalities, benefit from our assistance in matters ranging from simple real estate transactions to land development and zoning matters.

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?

From drafting real estate contracts to obtaining title policies, we will provide guidance and vigilance to ensure that nothing is missed in the process.  We understand the importance of real estate transactions to our clients, and endeavor to remove the stress and confusion that can attend such a momentous occasion and the decisions inherent therein.

In addition to managing the decisions, documentation and recording of your transaction, we will also help you answer any questions regarding refinancing, zoning and regulations. 

A Real Estate Attorney Will Save You Time

After the housing market collapsed around 2009, the process of buying and selling a home became substantially more burdened by paperwork.  That trend has continued to the present, as new regulations are constantly passed by the federal government. 

Having a real estate attorney at your side throughout this process can prevent you from spending far too much of your time reading over redundant and occasionally meaningless forms.  An attorney who knows the ins and outs of the real estate market will allow you to focus on the key aspects of any transaction that are truly meaningful to you.

Avoid Post Closing Litigation

Involving a real estate attorney as early as possible in your real estate sale or purchase is always a wise decision.  Many problems that pop up during negotiations or closings could easily be avoided through proper drafting of contracts and clear explanations of your rights as to those real estate contracts. 

We always let our clients know that they should contact us at any time, for any reason, when questions or concerns arise throughout the course of a transaction.  This way we can make sure we put out any small fires before they get out of control.