Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox lawyer bloomington il

Admitted to the Illinois Bar in November 2011, Patrick Cox moved back to Bloomington, IL and joined the firm as an associate in September 2011. 

While working to finish his MBA in Chicago, Patrick began practicing in the areas of real estate law, contract law, tax law, bankruptcy law, estate planning, and business organization law, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. 

While attending Chicago Kent College of Law, Patrick served as an intern in the Kent School of Law Community Tax Clinic and worked with clients to resolve tax disputes.

Patrick also clerked for the Honorable Judge Wayne Anderson in United States District Court Northern District of Illinois.

Patrick takes great pride in helping others navigate their first home purchase and is a trusted real estate attorney in Bloomington IL. Patrick can also help create his clients first wills or trusts to provide for their children, or start their own business.