Business Law

The attorneys at Cox & Fulk, LLC. have been providing representation to business organizations for more than 40 years.  This representation ranges from sole proprietorships and single member limited liability companies to large multi-owner multimillion dollar corporations and LLC’s. 

It is always the preference of the attorneys at Cox & Fulk to avoid litigation and reach a reasonable settlement in any business related dispute but the attorneys at Cox & Fulk are also prepared to vigorously represent their clients in court if that becomes necessary.

In addition to functioning as a registered agent for many of the companies we help form, Cox & Fulk, LLC can help later reorganize business structures, aid in future sales and acquisitions of businesses, and advise clients regarding employment and labor issues.  Our attorneys are also capable and ready to assist you in commercial litigation matters arising out of your newly formed business.

Experience With Business Law

Our business law attorneys can assist in the initial creation of businesses including consultations on appropriate business organizations and tax consequences of the organizations selected.  This consultation also includes consideration of liability issues.

In representing business organizations, Cox & Fulk, LLC. has experience in drafting shareholder agreements for corporations and operating agreements for LLCs. 

Business Formation

There are many questions and concerns when contemplating the proper ways to organize a new business venture.  Without a wealth of experience in this area, the decisions attendant to ownership structure and organizational approach can seem complicated and difficult. 

At Cox & Fulk, LLC we advise our clients on these matters regularly.  Following a consultation with one of our attorneys, we will determine which ownership structure, corporation, s-corporation, LLC, works best for you and file the necessary paperwork to have your business organized expediently, efficiently, and wisely.

Sales & Acquisition of Business Entities

Our Bloomington, IL attorneys also have years of experience representing business organizations in connection with sales and acquisitions of business entities. 

Legal Business Termination

In the unfortunate event that it becomes necessary to terminate the business organization or to handle dispute among the owners of the business organization, Cox & Fulk attorneys can provide many years of experience in dealing with these difficult situations. 

Business Financial Needs

Cox & Fulk has further provided consultation to large and small business organizations with respect to meeting their financing needs, whether that be through debt or equity financing.

Employment Law

The area of employment law focuses on the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. Our attorneys work on a variety of legal aspects regarding employment law, from wages and workplace safety to discrimination and wrongful termination

The attorneys at Cox & Fulk can assist business organizations with all aspects of employment law including drafting and/or review of employee manuals and assisting our clients in the event of the discharge or separation of an employee. 

Cox & Fulk LLC. attorneys have drafted employment agreements and severance agreements for their clients’ employees and have also represented their clients when claims for wrongful discharge have arisen.

Tax Law

Attempting to resolve a tax dispute with the IRS can be both confusing and complicated.  Furthermore, receiving IRS notices at your house can be an intimidating experience.  The attorneys at Cox & Fulk, LLC would be pleased to help you achieve a beneficial resolution to your tax matter. 

Tax Filing

Not only do we offer a wealth of experience dealing with IRS collection agents in person as well as over the phone, but we also file tax returns for many of our clients.  Thus, Cox & Fulk LLC. offers the wide range of experience needed to efficiently deal with the various demands of government tax issues.

If you decide to visit us for a consultation regarding your tax dispute, please come prepared with any and all correspondence you have received from the IRS (or state department) regarding the matter in question. 

Also, bring in the tax returns associated with the tax years in question as well as any proof of income you have for that time period.  This will help us file new or amended tax returns if need be, in addition to providing us with crucial information for any future negotiations.

Please do not hesitate to call us the minute you have been contacted by the IRS, as any delay on your part could result in further penalties and interest being assessed against you.